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Kim McConaghy
Forest, ON

Contact Info:

Instagram: @kim_mcconaghy

Facebook: @mentalwellnesswarrior


biz bio

Kim is passionate about empowering her fellow Mental Wellness Warriors to SHOW UP for themselves and for their lives with coaching programs to show them how and to fully support them along the way.

She leads Meditation Circle in her local community creating a safe, supportive and loving space for women to connect with themselves and with one another through the energy of group meditation.

Kim also is the the Co-Creator of the I AM Empowerment Project teaching children the power of positive thinking, creativity, meditation and mindfulness as tools to carry with them throughout their lives.

She is the Head Warrior of the Mental Wellness Warriors. A virtual space where you grow with your fellow Warriors Mental through her favourite tools and where you get a taste of LIVE Mental Wellness Empowerment Coaching & Connection.

You are welcome to visit us here at:


Meditation Circle at My Fit Room in Forest on 

November 13 7:30-8:30pm

December 11 7:30-8:30pm

Empowered to show up for yourself & for your life