Your Local Girl Gang

Stacey Le Poivre - Owner/Trainer
Pembroke, ON


Are you looking to gain CONFIDENCE?

Become your STRONGEST self? Create HEALTHY habits? Establish a POSITIVE mindset?

Biz Bio:

GRL Fitness empowers women to live their best life by becoming their most confident, healthiest and strongest self both physically and mentally with fitness and nutrition.

GRL Fitness provides on-going support and accountability to keep you on track during your health and fitness journey by providing one-on-one coaching and access to Stacey daily as a client.


  • Focus. Strength. Discipline. Online fitness program and coaching

  • Online Nutrition Guidance (Coming Soon: 4 week one-on-one series)

About Stacey:
At a young age Stacey had an interest in sports, playing soccer for the majority of her childhood and young adult life she then developed an interest for long distance running. Later studying policing in college and working as a volunteer firefighter, Stacey helped others with their fitness to progress in order for them to pass entry level fitness testing for first responder roles. This struck a passion for training and teaching others which led Stacey to completing her qualification for Personal Trainer Specialist. Stacey then began training women in various settings, helping them to gain confidence, create healthy habits, build strength and establish a positive mindset. Three short years later Stacey accepted a job offer within the Canadian Armed Forces for Military Police.

Presently on maternity leave from the military, Stacey is taking GRL Fitness to the next level with full- force in order to pursue training after a much anticipated release from the military. Stacey is dedicated to empowering women to level up their lives through health and fitness and wants to share her passion for living a fit and healthy lifestyle.


  • Personal Trainer Specialist

  • Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach

  • Bodyshred Instructor

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