Your Local Girl Gang


Your Local Girl Gang believes in supporting our community, integrity, inclusivity and empowerment. What that all means is that we are a group of women who believe that the best way to reach success is to work together and build one another up. YLGG strongly supports our fellow makers in our area and showcase what we all have to offer. 

We are a group of business owners trying to assist others to take the step to sell or provide a service through online sales. Let's face it, we are on our phones or computer everyday and it is way easier to browse, shop and learn about eachother on the go. This doesn't mean we don't want to meet you, we will be up to date on all events, vendor shows and workshops to see your faces and introduce ourselves - just check out our  What's Up page and Event's page for all the know when's and where's.

Our Mission:

WE ARE A GIRL GANG - the group is a whole, we support each other. Our mission is to encourage eachother to reach goals above and beyond by collaborating.. We are all about honesty, integrity and our girl gang successes.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide a marketing outlet/catalogue for our vendors/customers in one easy to browse spot. Our future plans are to have a permanent spot (did it!), attend vendor shows(yes), host workshops and add services to our site(Check them out), but one thing at a time!