Your Local Girl Gang

About Mattigan maclean


Mattigan MacLean from moncton, NB

is the current Miss Teen Atlantic Canada and will continue her reign until August of 2019.

“I believe firmly in the empowerment and uplifting of women and choose only to compete in pageants that I believe reflect that. For example while competing for my current title we started the weekend with a seminar on self esteem! I know pageantry to be such a positive influence, bringing scholarships, confidence, and contacts to all ladies involved. With my title I want to emanate that attitude bringing awareness to women’s issues and support to brands who feel similarly.”


A sponsorship between YLGG helps Mattigan accomplish her personal goal to support and highlight other women’s accomplishments. She will be attending Miss Teen Canada in February and YLGG will have more of a reach into the eastern provinces.


“I know so many girls here who don’t understand the importance of women being there for each other and I believe your company’s presence here would help deter that mind set. Impressionable young minds lean on art to form opinions and clothing is certainly an art. I would be appreciativee of the chance to showcase yours.”